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Adult programs throughout the state offer courses on reading, language, writing and math. Many also offer English as a Second Language (ESL) courses and General Educational Development (GED) Test prep. Adult education services can help you become employed, advance at work, find a career certification program, earn your GED certificate or high school diploma, and/or attend college.

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Adult education classes can prepare you to take the Indiana State GED Tests although they are not required to take the tests. The actual GED Tests can only be taken at official testing sites registered with the American Council on Education (ACE). To locate the testing center nearest you using your zip code, see: Locating a GED Test Center.

Request your GED transcript or GED Certificate of Achievement
Official copies of your GED transcript (score report) or GED Diploma (now a GED Certificate of Achievement) must be obtained from DiplomaSender TM, the state’s GED document fulfillment service. Please do not contact the Department of Education (DOE) or Department of Workforce Development (DWD) for a copy of your transcript.

Indiana Division of Adult Education Indiana GED Testing Program FAQ

1. Indiana, Do home-schooled and/or non-public school students need to obtain a public school Superintendent’s approval to take the Indiana State GED Tests if s/he is less than 18 years old but at least 16?

YES. HEA 1340 addresses requirements for GED Testing of individuals less than 18. Whether or not the individual is part of a public school program, if s/he is less than 18, s/he will need to have the approval of a superintendent as defined by IC 20-18-2-21 to take the Indiana State GED Tests.

2. In the case of home-schooled students, can the parent sign as the superintendent?

NO. HEA 1340 is specific about who is considered a “superintendent” for the purpose of providing approval to anyone under 18 who would like to take the Indiana State GED Tests. A superintendent is defined in statute IC 20-18-2-21 and does not include parents of home-schooled students.

3. In the case of students attending Non-public Schools, can the School Administrator provide approval to take the Indiana State GED Tests for students less than 18?

NO. HEA 1340 is specific about who is considered a “superintendent” for the purpose of providing approval to anyone under age 18 who would like to take the Indiana State GED Tests. A superintendent is defined in statute (IC 20-18-2-21) and does not include administrators of private schools.

4. Can the current Exit Form be modified to provide the superintendent’s approval at the time a student is exited from school?

YES. Several Testing Centers and School Corporations already are modifying their exit forms to include the superintendent’s approval/signature for the Indiana State GED Tests. Additionally, we recommend strongly that Exit Forms be modified to include statements regarding superintendent’s approval for enrolling in an adult education program or secondary credit recovery program. This is a proactive measure that addresses the future possibility of requiring the superintendent’s approval for both enrolling in an adult education program and taking the Indiana State GED Tests before age 18.

5. Indiana, Can a superintendent have his or her designee sign off on the approval?

NO. The approval must come from the superintendent as defined by IC 20-18-2-21.

6. Does the 16 or 17 year old still need to present the Exit Form at the time of test registration?

NO. However, please refer to Q4 for guidance on obtaining the superintendent’s approval. At minimum the Indiana State GED Testing Center MUST have on file the superintendent’s approval prior to registering anyone under 18 for the Indiana State GED Tests.
DWD, Division of Adult Education 2
GED Testing Program FAQ

7. How can we obtain a list of superintendents so we can verify that the approval is, in fact, from a school superintendent?

If you do not know the superintendent who has provided approval for a 16 or 17 year old to take the Indiana State GED Tests, you can reference the DOE website for the name and position of the official signing the approval:

8. Is it true that a student can take the Indiana State GED Tests at age 16 with the superintendent’s approval?

YES. The minimum age for taking the Indiana State GED Tests is 16 according to GED Testing Service Policy, and HEA 1340 only refers to individuals less than 18.

9. Is it true that the superintendent’s approval is the only thing needed to allow a 16 or 17 year old to take the Indiana State GED Tests?

YES. While this is technically the case, we recommend strongly that the student obtain the superintendent’s approval for GED Testing at the time s/he withdraws or transfers to another educational setting.

10. Does a 16 or 17 year old need to obtain approval to take the Indiana State GED Tests from the superintendent in his or her own school district?

NO. Any Indiana school superintendent may provide approval if s/he is willing to do so and deems it the most appropriate course of action for the potential test taker.

11. Indiana, What if a superintendent refuses to provide the approval?

If the student is less than 18 and cannot obtain a superintendent’s approval to take the Indiana State GED Tests, the Testing Center MUST NOT allow the student to register for the Tests. Ultimately, the responsibility for obtaining the superintendent’s approval rests with the Indiana State GED Testing candidate and not the Testing Center though the Testing Center may provide assistance.
Students who have been exited and/or otherwise find it impossible to obtain the necessary approval may contact the Indiana State GED Administrator for further guidance.

12. Are superintendents aware of this new requirement?

YES. See Q42.

13. Are passing scores on the Official Practice Test (OPT) still required for 16 and 17 year olds?

NO. Again, while technically the OPT is not required at this time, it may be included in new Indiana GED policy. It is good practice, and we recommend strongly that students continue to take the OPT at the discretion of their educators and examiners in order to determine the likelihood of their success on the official GED Tests.

14. Is there a new “retest” rule?

NO. However, retest wait times are no longer required in Indiana per the repeal of State Board of Education Rules, and there is no plan to retain a retest wait period policy at this time. Indiana currently is deferring to GED Testing Service policy that states an individual may test no more than 3 times in a calendar year.
DWD, Division of Adult Education 3
GED Testing Program FAQ

15. Indiana, Can individuals who tested and did not pass the Indiana State GED Tests or a portion of the test prior to April 1 retest anytime now?

YES. Indiana is no longer enforcing a jurisdictional policy different from the current GEDTS policy. Individuals may retest up to 3 times in a calendar year. For anyone who tests more than 3 times in a calendar year, the scores associated with their 4th
attempt will be flagged as a “repeat form” error, and the scores will be invalid whether they have passed or not.

16. Are there still residency requirements for testing in Indiana?

YES. Residency requirements include being a “resident” of Indiana for at least thirty (30) days. This is likely to remain in force.

17. Will ID requirements be changing?

Indiana requires the minimum identification of at least one form of GOVERNMENT issued photo identification that includes name, current address, date of birth, signature, and MUST NOT BE EXPIRED.

18. Will the 35 day GED Test completion policy remain in effect?

YES. Please continue to ensure that GED Tests are completed within 35 days.

19. Indiana, Do all requests for official duplicate GED Test Scores and GED Credentials (Diplomas) now need to be referred to Diploma Sender?

YES. Please direct individuals to make their request using Diploma Sender. Go to to register an account and to obtain official GED verification letters or duplicate GED credentials.

20. What about requests from Test Takers who tested prior to 1985?

Please direct individuals to make their request using Diploma Sender. DS now has the ability to research and verify pre-1985 GED records.

21. What about requests for records dated prior to 1985?

The testing center can provide a copy of the Indiana State GED record to the individual but only if it is determined that Diploma Sender does not have the record.
available only at the Indiana State GED Testing Center?

22. Will we be getting a revised policy soon?

The date for communicating a comprehensive GED policy is to be determined; however, we will continue to address questions on a weekly basis through this FAQ format in order to provide as much clarification as possible.

23. Indiana, When a test taker visits Diploma Sender, s/he is required to provide a reference number. What do they need to use?

When registering an account on Diploma Sender, an individual selects the type of ID (SSN, etc.) that s/he is using. If/when individuals have questions about the Diploma Sender website, they should be directed to Technical Support at or call 317-215-7154.

24. Some Test Takers are saying that Diploma Sender does not have their records even though they have tested since 1985?

In most cases this is a data match issue and can be resolved by having the individual contact Diploma Sender’s Technical Support. If the individual continues to have issues, please direct him or her to contact Melinda McKinney: or 317-234-7706.

25. Can out of state GED Testing Candidates request their transcripts through Diploma Sender?

NO. GED Test Takers coming from another state and wanting to test in Indiana must obtain their score reports from the state where they took the Indiana State GED Tests. If they have tested since 2001, the Testing Center may obtain a copy of their scores from GED Testing Service by using a request form available to Chief Examiners on GED Access Point. On the other hand, individuals who tested in Indiana but have now moved out of state can obtain their GED records through Diploma Sender if they have tested since 1985. They should be directed to the website like anyone else seeking GED verification.

26. Now that Testing Centers are no longer providing official GED records to individuals who have tested since 1985, do we need to keep copies of those GED records?

The State of Indiana cannot provide an official statement about records destruction for your testing location. Please follow the records retention policy associated with your host institution.

27. Indiana, Is the Diploma Sender URL posted anywhere?

YES. The official announcement and link to Diploma Sender is posted on the DWD, Division of Adult Education website:

28. What will the job of the Chief Examiner or Examiner be when we add GED Computer Based Testing (CBT) in Indiana?

This will depend on factors that have not yet been discussed with GEDTS. More information is to come regarding Phase 2 of CBT scheduled to begin next month and extend through November 2011.
Posted May 26, 2011

29. Can you clarify Q17? It states that ID requirements have not changed but the Indiana supplement to the Indiana State GED examiner’s manual states 3 pieces of ID are required, which suggests the ID requirements have changed?

Indiana no longer requires three (3) pieces of identification if at least one piece of GOVERNMENT issued photo identification (Indiana DLN, Passport, etc.) contains all of the necessary and current information. If the individual needs to show other identification that establishes Indiana residency, or you prefer to collect additional identification, then please do so. Also, please ask for the same piece of identification at the time of testing that was used at the time of registration.
DWD, Division of Adult Education 5
GED Testing Program FAQ

30. What is meant by the term “calendar year?”

The use of the term calendar year means “GEDTS contract year,” which is January 1 through December 31st.

31. Can I use the scores in Treasure Chest when scheduling retesting, or must I wait for the individual to produce an official transcript?

Chief Examiners can and should use the testing history and test scores provided in Treasure Chest for scheduling retests. Again, the scores are always official, just the score report produced through Treasure Chest is considered “unofficial.” If an individual has tested out of state the individual would need to obtain an official score report from that state.

32. Can Testing Centers provide duplicate transcripts and/or GED certificates to employers or post-secondary institutions?

NO. Individuals must logon to Diploma Sender and have their letter of verification or duplicate score reports or certificate sent to the employer, employment verification firm, or post-secondary institution. There is a cost for this service. Testing Centers may continue to provide only “unofficial score reports,” but any copies from Testing Centers are not considered “official.”

33. Where can I find the form for requesting a test taker’s out of state results from GED Testing Service?

The score history request form is available to Chief Examiners on GED Access Point: Login, Select
GED Access Point, Select Resources, Select Document Library, Select GED Score History Report Request Form. Scores are available in this way only for test takers who have tested after January 1, 2001.

34. Is Indiana discontinuing the Indiana State GED Honors designation, along with the gold seal on the certificate?

YES. The former GED diploma is officially called the Indiana State GED Certificate of Achievement, and there is no longer an honors distinction supplied on the Indiana State GED certificate by way of a gold seal or any other distinguishing mark.
Posted June 1, 2011

35. We understood that superintendents would be receiving an e-mail message about HEA 1340 on May 13th. Has that memorandum gone out?

YES. See Q42.
Posted June 8, 2011

36. Indiana, Does Diploma Sender send GED credentials to addresses that include PO Boxes?

Indiana, DWD, Division of Adult Education 6
GED Testing Program FAQ

37. Can Test Center staff share test results with colleagues in other programs, such as ABE centers, jails, WorkOne Centers, etc.?

YES. IMPORTANT. When sharing testing information with colleagues, it is recommended that you share ONLY the unofficial transcripts. The score reports that include the testing history may include policy errors that have invalidated scores and these score reports must NOT be shared with individual test takers.

38. What is the best way to share test scores with a test taker?

If a test taker requests scores, it is best to share an “unofficial transcript.” DO NOT share either in writing or verbally what scores are available in Treasure Chest on the testing history or score report. This will prevent Testing Center staff from inadvertently sharing scores that are considered invalid due to policy errors.

39. What do I do when there is a policy error and the Test Taker’s score is considered invalid?

The Chief Examiner should contact Melinda McKinney: to research the issue. DO NOT have the Test Taker contact the state office regarding the error.

40. Can GED Test Scores be converted to grades or a GPA?

NO. Letter grades are not standardized across every high school; therefore, GEDTS cannot equate GED test scores to a GPA.
Posted June 15, 2011

41. Is an individual required to use GED testing accommodations if approved?

NO. Even if individuals are approved for certain GED Testing Accommodations based on a diagnosed disability, s/he is not required to use them, or may use some of the accommodations but not all of them. Individuals, however, must use ONLY those testing accommodations that have been approved.

42. Have superintendents been notified of HEA 1340?

YES. The memorandum and updated state Exit form were sent from the DOE to the superintendents’ mail on Friday, June 10th. The memo includes general information about HEA 1340, guidance, and an updated State of Indiana Exit Form that can be used to provide GED testing approval for students under age 18.
DWD, Division of Adult Education 7
GED Testing Program FAQ
Posted 6/22/2011

43. Indiana, What safeguards/security measures are in place to protect the new GED Certificate of Achievement from being duplicated by the sites that promise a diploma for any amount of money?

Scam artists do not have any more access to the Indiana State GED certificate than the person on the street has plus there are many more security measures in place on the new credential and credentialing process than have ever been in place before. That being said, it is up to the potential employer, verification firm, or post-secondary institution to contact our office when they have questions about the authenticity of a document. Sometimes things don’t add up, and the individual then is informed that the credential or online program promising a GED credential is not valid. There are warnings posted on the Indiana State GEDTS and Indiana State websites.

44. Why do some test takers, once they are registered on Diploma Sender, not recognize the Testing Center associated with their test scores?

Sometimes the Testing Center number is bubbled incorrectly on the demographic form. When this happens, the number may actually be associated with another Testing Center, and that is the Testing Center that will show on the Testing Record and ultimately the credentials. For example, if the Testing Center number is 3000170030, but the number 3000170330 is indicated, it will appear the Test Taker took the Indiana State GED exams at the Vincennes Testing Center when he really took them at the North Lawrence Testing Center. If a Test Taker does not recognize the Testing Center on his/her credential or GED record, s/he should contact Melinda McKinney to get it corrected.

45. We missed the training for the new online ordering process. Were these recorded for those of us that couldn’t participate?

NO. The training was not made available on AccessPoint for Chief Examiners. Please continue to refer to the instructional documents that were sent regarding the new online ordering process.

46. What is the latest information regarding Indiana participating in Computer Based Testing (CBT)?

Although Indiana was notified it would be part of a Phase II cohort for implementing CBT beginning in June, 2011, we do not have all of the information we need in order to begin implementation. More information will be provided at the upcoming GED Administrators Conference at the end of next month. In the meantime, Chief Examiners should proceed with the new PBT contract process including ordering 2012 test batteries beginning in August. Adjustments can be made later when CBT is implemented.
DWD, Division of Adult Education 8
GED Testing Program FAQ
Posted July 6, 2011

47. Do candidates receive official score reports from Diploma Sender when they do not have passing scores on the Indiana State GED Tests?

NO. GED Tests completers receive transcripts and certificates in the mail when they achieve passing scores. If they do not achieve passing scores, they must do one of two things:
1) Contact their official GED Testing Center for unofficial score report, or
2) Register with Diploma Sender where they will be able to view their scores.
48. How do I direct GED Test Takers who contact the Testing Center who have not yet received Test Results?
First, check their results in Treasure Chest, if they did NOT pass, then reference Q.47. above. If you discover that they did pass, have them send an e-mail message that includes the OSS ID associated with their record along with their contact information to: .
Posted July 13, 2011

49. Are GED records provided by the Testing Center considered official?

NO. Since the implementation of Diploma Sender (Indiana’s Official Document Fulfillment Service), only documents issued by Diploma Sender are considered official. Testing Centers may continue to provide “unofficial” documents upon request.

50. According to the State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana (SSACI), there are no longer funds available to provide awards for the Robert C. Byrd Scholarship for the 2011-2012 academic year and beyond. Will there be other funds to replace what was provided by this scholarship?

NO. The GED Program Office is not aware of any other funds available to students who would have qualified for Robert C. Byrd scholarship funds. These funds are administered by the SSACI. Students may check their website for additional information:
Posted July 20, 2011

51. Does a Test Taker need to retest within 35 days, if s/he obtains a “0” on the Language Arts Writing section of the Indiana State GED Test battery?

NO. If the individual completed the test along with all other sections of the Indiana State GED Test battery within 35 days, but earned a “0” on the writing portion, s/he will not be required to retake the entire test battery on day 36.
Posted August 3, 2011

52. Will the DWD continue to loan the Spanish Version of the Indiana State GED Test battery to Test Centers in 2012?

YES. However, please consider that we will have only 2 Spanish test batteries available for the entire state for the 2012 contract year. Wait time for borrowing the tests could be extensive. We recommend Test Centers order their own Spanish version testing materials accordingly.
DWD, Division of Adult Education 9
GED Testing Program FAQ

53. What do I do with answer sheets if a test taker fails to complete a testing session or does not complete the test battery within the required 35 days?

With electronic scoring, it is no longer important to keep all answer sheets together or to keep answer sheets until all five tests have been completed. By submitting answer sheets in a timely manner, this ensures a testing history exists and a test record has been established in Treasure Chest. Never hold onto answer sheets beyond the scheduled testing dates or shred answer sheets associated with incomplete tests.
Posted August 10, 2011

54. Are the forms we’ll be using for piloting the new GED Test Accommodations review process available?

Not yet. We’re expecting the new pilot request forms to be available within the next week or two. In the meantime, please review the updated GED Test Accommodations information at: especially the documentation guidelines for both the candidate and the evaluator (diagnostician). Candidates may continue to use the current request forms until the new forms are available.

55. Any more news about CBT timeframes?

CBT has been a moving target, so due to considerable adjustments in our prior timeframes, we are investigating the possibility of rolling out CBT first in existing VUE Testing Centers during 2012 at the earliest. Other GED Test Centers interested in becoming Pearson VUE certified and converting to the CBT delivery model can contact Terri Banks: We will continue our work on an implementation timeline for your centers/addendum sites prior to release of the new GED test. Please note: we anticipate continued support of paper based testing through December 31, 2013.
Posted August 17, 2011

56. Indiana, Can the Chief Examiner offer an extension to the 35 day GED completion policy in cases of illness or school closures?

YES. However, such extensions should be the absolute exception and granted on a case-by-case basis with discretion. If the extension is granted, the Chief Examiner will need to send a request for a 35-day policy waiver to Melinda McKinney: as scores older than 35 days are considered invalid.

57. Will the State GED Office be holding a Chief Examiner training this year?

We do not anticipate holding an overall GED Chief Examiner training this year; however, we are considering the possibility of creating on-demand training modules that can be taped and offered online when needed. If you have a particular training need, please contact Melinda McKinney: and we can schedule time with you.
DWD, Division of Adult Education 10
GED Testing Program FAQ

58. Indiana, Can Test Centers provide GED verifications to employment verification firms or institutions over the phone?

NO. There are specific legal requirements for releasing GED verification/information to third-parties. Please continue to refer representatives of post-secondary institutions and employment verification firms to Diploma Sender: or to Terri Banks: to discuss the solution DS has in place for their agencies and organizations.
Posted August 31, 2011

59. Indiana, I have seen an Exit Form that provides a signature line for the Superintendent; where did this originate?

The State Exit Form was updated to include an additional line for the superintendent to recommend a student for the Indiana State GED tests. While Test Centers may receive a copy of this form and can accept it to allow students under 18 to take the Indiana State GED tests, the exit form is NOT required. Some school corporations and/or Test Centers may have developed their own form for obtaining the superintendent’s recommendation, and they may continue to do so. For informational purposes, a copy of the updated State Exit form can be found at:

60. Our Test Center makes copies of answer sheets, keeps them in the same secure location as the exams, then shreds them once the originals have been received by the scoring partner. Are we allowed to continue this practice? What happens if an answer sheet goes missing, and we do not keep copies?

YES. As long as copies of answer sheets are kept secure and shredded once the originals have arrived at OSS Scoring, there is no reason to discontinue the practice. REMINDER: When submitting answer sheets, use a postal service that tracks the shipment. In the extremely rare case an answer sheet goes missing, the test taker will need to be called back in for retesting.

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Lake Central School Corporation
8400 Wicker
St. John, IN 46373

Switz City Indiana GED Testing Locations
White River Valley High School
Highway 54
Switz City, IN 47465

Terre Haute Indiana GED Testing Locations
Chauncey Rose Adult Education Center
1275 3rd Av.
Terre Haute, IN 47807

Versailles Indiana GED Testing Locations
Southeastern Career Center
901 W US 50
Versailles, IN 47042

Vincennes Indiana GED Testing Locations
Vincennes University
1002 N. First St.
Vincennes, IN 47591

Vincennes University
Shake LRC-22
Vincennes, IN 47591

Wabash Indiana GED Testing Locations
Heartland Career Center
79 S. 200 W.
Wabash, IN 46992

Warsaw Indiana GED Testing Locations
Warsaw Community Schools
#1 Administration Dr.
Warsaw, IN 46581